These leagues are inclusive, friendly, community leagues that are open to all.

The aim of these leagues are to create a more competitive environment for all levels of players. On this page, you will find: all community league rules, what skill level you are and basic rules/scoring (inclusive for all players.)

Leagues restarting soon…

Adult Social Doubles League Rules
  • Teams of 3 players (friends, workmates, social open night players.) Teams are gender neutral and can comprise of 3 men, 3 women or mixed.
  • 6 similar level teams in each division – each team plays each team once.
  • No club/county players.
  • New teams will receive a brand new tube of Yonex Mavis 300s (worth £9) in their 1st quarter for FREE!!
  • Players to organise court bookings to suit them.
  • Each match consists of 9games (6games per player)
  • Games: 1 game to 21 points with no setting (at 20-20, next point wins.)
  • Each game won counts as 1 point for the team.
  • As a guide: book 1 court for 2 hours.
Junior Doubles League Rules
  • Teams of 3 juniors (11-18). Teams can be mixed.
  • All levels – groups will be based on playing level.
  • Players organise court booking to suit them.
  • Sports Centres offer ’junior rate’ for court bookings.
  • Each match will consist of 9 games (each player will play 6 games)
  • Games will be 1 game to 21 points with no setting (at 20-20, next point wins.)
  • Each game won counts as 1 point for the team.
  • Shuttles (feathers or plastic) must be provided by the players.
  • All players in team to fill in consent form and must come up with a team name.
  • As a guide: book 1 court for 2 hours.

Singles League Rules
  • Open to individuals (Seniors & Juniors 11+)
  • All levels catered for.
  • Boxes will be gender neutral/mixed and will be based on playing level.
  • Any players using a wheelchair to play badminton will play matches using Wheelchair Badminton Rules (see below) This includes opponent using same court rules unless otherwise agreed.
  • Players to organise court booking to suit them.
  • Games will be best of 3 sets to 21 points with setting (at 20-20 players must win by 2 clear points or at 29-29, play finishes at 30.)
  • Shuttles (feathers/plastic) provided by players.
  • As a guide: Book 1 court for 1 hour.
  • All players must fill in consent form. Very strict rules on junior and senior players mixing.

General League Rules

  1. Leagues are run quarterly (Every 3 months) Quarters: 1st Oct, 1st Jan, 1st April, 1st July.)
  2. To sign up: Click the ‘Join Leagues’ button on the website – this will take you to the shop page – to enable you to purchase League Entry (must be at least 5 days before quarter starts.)
  3. Players may enter more than one league if eligible (£10per person per league, quarterly.)
  4. Following sign up: player will receive downloadable documents – consent form must be completed & returned.
  5. Strict rules in Singles Leagues where higher level junior players may play in group with adult players – parental consent must be completed.
  6. When league is about to start: Players will be sent a ‘Player Contact Sheet’ to arrange matches.
  7. Players to book their own courts at a time/day that suits them (and provide shuttles.)
  8. League tables will be updated weekly on website once scoresheet results are complete and copies sent to
  9. End of quarter: top 2 players/teams will move up to higher division and bottom 2 players will move to lower division and a new quarter will begin. If there is a tie of games won, it will go to points.
  10. Inclusive Badminton: Provision for players with a disability to play badminton regardless of impairment or classification. ParaBadminton rules will enable players with a disability to participate in these leagues and the rules on court area will be applied suitably (see below for ParaBadminton rules/court area for wheelchair, standing and short statue classes.)
  11. 10% of quarterly total joining fees from everyone will be given to a nominated charity.

January’s Charity of the quarter is Cancer Research UK.

Levels of Players:

‘What determines skill level? (Paragraph from

While it’s relatively easy to identify a beginner and a very advanced player, in between the two is very much a grey area. It can be subjective according to your own ability, which is what players often measure against and what can cause players to mislabel themselves a certain standard. The level of player you are depends on:

  1. Technical Ability – how well you are able to produce shots, move around the court and also applies to things like using grip choice (using correct grip and being able to facilitate grip change depending on shot played.)
  2. Tactical knowledge – how well the person knows the game, the right shots to play in certain situations and strategies.
  3. Consistency – how well you are able to continuously play without making an error.’
A+ PlayerNational/County – Advanced Player
A- PlayerHigh Intermediate – Good Club Player
B PlayerIntermediate- Sound Competitive Player
C PlayerLower Intermediate – Social but competitive
D PlayerRecreational – Social player (Beginner/Improver)

Rules & Scoring for Singles & Doubles (Including ParaBadminton)


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Para Badminton:



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