On this page you will find info on where to play, local sessions and be able to find players to play. Also a guide on what level player you are.

Levels of players:

‘What determines skill level? (Paragraph from Shuttlesmash.com:)

While it’s relatively easy to identify a beginner and a very advanced player, in between the two is very much a grey area. It can be subjective according to your own ability, which is what players often measure against and what can cause players to mislabel themselves a certain standard. The level of player you are depends on:

  1. Technical Ability – how well you are able to produce shots, move around the court and also applies to things like using grip choice (using correct grip and being able to facilitate grip change depending on shot played.)
  2. Tactical knowledge – how well the person knows the game, the right shots to play in certain situations and strategies.
  3. Consistency – how well you are able to continuously play without making an error.’

Map of sports centres in Dorset.